Workplace Violence National Expert at MTSU

We have an extraordinary guest speaker coming from Washington, D.C., Friday (Nov. 16) at 8-10am to address the topic of workplace violence

Please join us for a morning of captivating insights from a uniquely qualified expert:

 Speaker Bio: Samuel Blackstone, a crisis management executive and graduate of the FBI National Academy, spent over twenty years as a special agent with the United States government as a foreign intelligence officer and criminal investigator involved in counterintelligence, counter-terrorism, and criminal investigative activities.  He directed and supervised dignitary protection operations globally for two Secretaries of Defense, senior presidential cabinet officials and foreign dignitaries of cabinet ranking, with dignitary protection responsibilities that included handling personnel extrications around the world.  In the private sector, Mr. Blackstone has managed corporate crisis and risk programs, personnel crisis management programs, and workplace violence issues. He provides security and risk management analyses to fortune 500 corporations, major legal firms, high level law enforcement agencies, the U.S. intelligence community, and numerous federal and state government enforcement agencies. He is recognized as a subject matter expert to the Department of Homeland Security concerning matters of risk management.

Click here for more information, including event location, and to learn more about our other recent guest speakers.


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